Thursday, June 01, 2006

Back Online! !

I finally have broadband again! I don't think I'd been without it for this long since Craig and I had the ISDN line run into our place in Roseville.

Over here, it's pretty much self-setup. I ordered service, then went to the store to shop for ADSL modems. I picked up a nice Netgear combination ADSL Modem, Firewall, 4 port Ethernet hub and 801.2g Access Point. I'm pretty sure there's a bottle opener on there somewhere too. ;-)

I unpacked the thing, read the setup guide, and parked the box next to the phone jack. I was expecting to get a phone call telling me that I needed to hang around the apartment for some 4 hour window for Telecom to drop by and fiddle with something.

Instead, two weeks went by and we didn't heard anything, just for the hell of it I thought I'd unpack the modem and plug it in. Sure enough, green light!! After a bit of twiddling with the ADSL settings, we've got wireless internet connectivity! Excellent! Time to fire up Warcraft. :-)

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  1. Your Brother6/6/06 10:37 PM

    Cool!! I'll send you some pictures