Sunday, June 11, 2006

Power Outages in Auckland

We've been hit with a big cold front this morning. Winds have been up to 120k, the news this morning was showing harbor waves breaking over the motorway. We've had power cuts here in the CBD but things seem to be ok on the generators now. No power problems at home on the North Shore apparently. Hopefully the high winds won't close the harbor bridge before I head home.

Power Blackout Causes Chaos in Auckland

"A Vector spokeswoman said the cause of the Auckland blackout was a fault on the Transpower network. She said: "An earth wire has snapped and fallen across the 110 kv feeder from the Otahuhu substation.

'All efforts are focused on restoring power as soon as possible.'

Transpower's Chris Roberts said 1000 megawatts of supply had been lost and at this time on a winter's morning, close to 2000 megawatts would normally be used.

Transpower presumed the power failure was weather related but could not rule out a maintenance-related problem, he said."

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