Thursday, May 18, 2006

Last of the Backyard Wildlife

Since I expect that having a job will seriously cut into my birdwatching time (woot!), this may be the last of the New Zealand wildlife posts for a while (at least until I start getting some quality expedition time on the weekends).

ParakeetAnyway, there are big flocks of parakeets that swing through in the mornings. I'd need a bigger lens to catch a decent shot, but you can at least see what it is from this one:
Kakariki - Red Crowned Parakeet It doesn't look quite like the picture of the native bird, so maybe it's some kind of hybrid. Or maybe we're looking at a big flock of feral parakeets on the rampage.

I caught another picture of the Kingfisher, still not a great one, but better I think.

And finally a huge spider that briefly took up residence on our balcony (the broom is a little over two inches wide). No ID on this one, though I'm thinking it may be a sheetweb.



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  1. Your Brother23/5/06 10:02 PM

    Cool spider!!! Is it poisonous?

  2. I'm glad I'm thousands of miles away from that spider, Rob!

  3. There is only one type of poisonous (or at least deadly poisonous) New Zealand spider, and even they are shy and tend to live away from humans. We have no snakes, and no deadly insects.