Sunday, April 30, 2006

New Neighborhood and Random Stuff

So here's a (badly stitched) panoramic of the new neighborhood as seen from across the street and up the hill.

On the left is the North Harbour stadium, center (with the red roofs) is Massey University, and on the right (white buildings near the horizon) is the old neighborhood.

New Neighborhood

I also found an upcoming event which might be a good break in for a new kayak and a new mountain bike:

Whakatane Great Outdoors - Montys Revenge
Bush Run 12km MTB 23km Kayak 20km
June 24th

I can't find entry stuff online, but we should be back in Whakatane sometime between now and then.

And now the random part . . . some pictures of the mantises which were everywhere in Whakatane two weekends ago.


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