Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Moving Photos

So here's the old place:
Old Flat

Old Flat

Here's the new place before moving in:
New Flat - Before

New Flat - Before

I love the huge sliding doors at the new place. They open most of the length of the room, so the living room is practically outside! The view is great as well. Wooded hillside all the way down to a creek at the bottom of a ravine. On the other side of the ravine, mixed woods and pasture of some sort. It looks like there's some trails out that way. I'll have to do some running over in that direction. I've already discovered a set of trails that follow the creek through a big preserve.

Here's the new place after moving in (plus some new furniture):
New Flat

Up the hall (to the right in the photo) are two bedrooms (pretty standard apartment rooms) but we now have plenty of closet space.

There's a nice view of the neighborhood from the hill out front. I'll post a few pictures from up there later.

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