Monday, April 03, 2006

Back Online (sort of)

Wow, I never thought I'd find myself poring over modem logs looking at this stuff again.

Recv: CONNECT 45333
Interpreted response: Connect
Connection established at 45333bps.
Error-control on.
Data compression on.
Read: Total: 167, Per/Sec: 0, Written: Total: 557, Per/Sec: 16
Hanging up the modem.
Hardware hangup by lowering DTR.
Detected CD dropped from lowering DTR
Timed out waiting for response from modem

I thought I was done with that sort of thing in the mid 90's. Kelhi's laptop connects just fine, but mine seems to have some kind of difficulty with her ISP. In any case, after dialing connection after connection, listening to the modem screech, and poring over the modem log, I've found a way to get a reliable connection, if not a fast one. So here I am dialed in at 31.2 kbps with all the V92 features turned off and my modem in "safe mode". *sigh*

As I'd mentioned previously, it's been a busy first week down here. The morning I arrived, we went to look at a couple potential new flats.

The first one we looked at didn't make much of an impression on us. But the second one (in the same block) was fantastic. It has a huge open main room, with sliding glass doors and a long balcony running the length of the room. We jumped right on it, we'll be moving in the week after Easter. (Oh, joy! Moving again!) ;-)

At least we can order broadband once we get there. :-)

Sunday, Kel had a badminton match with the Indonesian team up in Orewa.
4-2-2006-Badminton 025
(B.T.W. Flickr is great fun over dial-up)

Monday we played squash after work. Fun game, but Kel and her friend Dubravko are both pretty good at it. I'm still sore, 4 days later.

I opened a couple of bank accounts down here, but getting money over from the states is proving to be a pain. I think the easiest way is going to be to have my parents stop in at the old bank and authorize a transfer.

Once that goes through it's time to shop for a car and to start getting used to driving on the other side of the road.

Think I'm going to go for a run now. I need to poke around the neighborhood a bit so I don't get lost so easily.

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