Thursday, March 26, 2009

Beach Series Race 17 and Upcoming Races

It's been quite busy at work, so I rushed out the door at the last minute on Tuesday. I'd forgotten to check the tide during the day. When I arrived I saw the water right up to the loose sand at the top of the beach! Doh!

I thought "Ah well, I'm here now, might as well do it". So I proceeded to the registration area. When I got in there, I realized that I'd run out of race credits, having only purchased enough to do the majority of the main series. So I headed over to the Top-up table. There I discovered that I didn't have enough cash to top up. I was just about to bail when the woman at the table said "No problem, just bring the rest next week.". I agreed to that, so now I'm committed to running next week, rain or shine, hell or high water. Great . . . teach me to hang around at work. ;-)

Anyway, can't expect much out of the high tide course, I finished 16th, but most of the usual lead pack weren't there. It was a 24 minute slog through loose sand and broken seashells. But it was a nice late summer night for a beach run.

Tomorrow is The Dual 1/2 marathon on Rangitoto Island. With a nice 250m climb up the volcano. Should be fun, I've never been out there. ;-)

Following weekend is the Orewa Beach 1/2 Marathon. It's also my friend Staton's birthday, so this is just a social one (if I can still move at all after The Dual). :-)

Week Time Place Notes
2 23:21 22nd High tide course - loose sand, 3 laps.
3 20:56 28th Low tide course - perfect weather.
4 22:52 28th High tide course - good weather.
7 20:49 21st Low tide course - hot.
822:23 23rd Low tide course - out of shape.
1023:23 30th Low tide course - still losing fitness.
1222:0526th Perfect weather, hard work.
1322:3021st Perfect weather, some loose sand and splashy bits.
Still feeling Sunday's run.
1421:4923rd Perfect weather. Very low tide.
1622:0325th Perfect weather. Very low tide.
1724:2116th High tide course. Perfect weather.

No point in tracking splits this week as it's a totally different course.

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