Sunday, January 04, 2009

Xmas Holidays

TattooKel and I just got back from two weeks in Whakatane for Christmas and New Year's.

Unlike previous years where we spent most of the break on the beach, we didn't do any swimming or surfing at Ohope this year. Partly because the weather wasn't that great, and partly because I was protecting my new tattoo, which was my xmas present from Kel's mum and aunt!

My present from Kel was a tandem skydive in Taupo on New Year's Eve. We had perfect weather that day in Taupo, and it was an amazing experience! Pretty tough to describe, but maybe one of these days I'll clip my freefall video out of the DVD they gave me and try to write about it here.

Taupo Skydive

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  1. You had more fun in two weeks than I have had in the last decade.

    Sweet tattoo!