Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shifting Gears

After this last marathon, I decided to run some shorter races for a while. 5K's to be specific. The North Shore City Beach Series is a 16 week series of races on Tuesday nights at Takapuna beach.

I ran race #2 last week (race 1 was 2 days after the marathon). I ran 23:21, which put me 22nd out of 116 competitors. My best 5k would have put me in 3rd! That might be out of reach without a hell of a lot of work, but I'm hoping to be running under 20 minutes by the end of the series early in the new year. A sub 20 5k would put me in the top 10 as of this week, but I noticed from the results posted for last year that times improve a lot as the weeks go on.

The main thing I have to work on now is speed. I noticed that although I wasn't too winded, I just couldn't pull any more speed out of my legs in this last race.

In any case, I'll be glad to trade 30 kilometer runs for sets of 400 meter repeats. ;-)

223:2122High tide course - loose sand, 3 laps.

Rangitoto from Takapuna

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  1. Nice job, and I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one who's super slow these days. :) I'm going to run my first 5K next week. I'm just hoping to go under 23:00, although even that seems somewhat unlikely.

    Marathon training sure does suck the speed out of you.