Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Upgraded Blogger Template to New Layout System.

I've just finished something that I've been putting off for a long time: upgrading my blog template to Blogger's new Layout system.

At first, it appeared to go quite smoothly. The same basic theme/template was still available, and all my widgets and hacks worked as HTML/Script blocks with no problems.

I ran into the first issue when I wanted to increase the width of the main post window. This little comment in the HTML of the template says it all:

/* Page Structure
----------------------------------------------------------- */
/* The images which help create rounded corners depend on the
following widths and measurements. If you want to change
these measurements, the images will also need to change.

Happily, the HTML of the new template was nearly identical to the old one, so I just reused my wide rounded corner images from the old template.

Anyway, glad that's done. Now I can get back to posting without being annoyed by the old layout code every time I look at things.

For those of you who subscribe via feed readers and never hit the blogger pages, here's what's changed.

  • Switched the header image from the St. Croix river to Mt. Nguaruhoe.

  • Got rid of the "Days in New Zealand" counter. It'll be two years in April. That counter originally started as a countdown to keep me motivated in my moving preparations. It's not so interesting anymore.

  • Added a feed for my shared items from Google Reader.

  • Added a feed for my code snippets on Snipplr.

  • Added a "What I'm Reading" badge from my Anobii bookshelf.

  • Added a quilt of my iTunes album covers from LastFM.

  • Added a blogroll of shared feeds I read from Google Reader

  • Added a tagroll of my bookmark tags from (Although I mostly use Google Bookmarks and Google Notebook now. Unfortunately, Google bookmarks is still missing a few cool features from It's main advantage, and my reason for switching, is that it doesn't get blocked by most Surfwatch Big Brother programs)

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