Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Visiting Minnesota for the Holidays

Kel and I are arriving in Minnesota on December 22nd. I'm not as organized as I'd like to be, but we have a few plans in place.

We'll of course be spending most of our time catching up with friends and family, but there's a whole list of stuff I miss that we'll need to do while we're in town. :-)

See fresh snow in the morning!
Sledding with my nieces.
Building snowmen
Skiing at Afton Alps.
Cross country skiing at Battle Creek or Hyland
See the Holidazzle parade downtown
Sit by the big fireplace at Brits pub after the Holidazzle parade.
Coffee and Chess at Dunn Brothers.
Coffee at Black Dog Cafe in St. Paul
See a Minnesota Wild Game
Get out for a night on the town in Minneapolis.
Mexican food and Margaritas at La Cucaracha
Wild Rice soup at Byerley's.
Chinese food at Red Dragon
Taco Bell ;-) (There's about two decent mexican restaurants in all of New Zealand.)
Khan's Mongolian Barbeque

That's a start, I'm sure I'll think of more later.
See you all soon.

Minneapolis Skyline and the Spoon Bridge

Snow Loaded Pines

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  1. I miss both Dunn Brothers and Brits. I also miss the bakery at Byerlys. DC-Baltimore doesn't have the independent coffee shop culture like in the Twin Cities.