Monday, September 22, 2008

The Legend

The race this weekend went great. I finished in 1:46.21. As far as I can remember, that's my fastest half marathon, though I suppose that's not too difficult, as the next fastest that I know of was the halfway split in my first marathon (1:49:40). I haven't run a lot of on-road halves.

Anyway, the day was fantastic, sunny and pleasant. The course was hilly, but nowhere near as tough as the website made it sound. Our weekend long run course on Whangaparoa road is quite a lot tougher. That said, there were a lot of rolling hills and nice smooth downhills.

Here are the splits (markers were every 2km)
2k - 10:07 (5:03s)
4k - 19:47 (4:50s)
6k - 30:30 (5:21s)
8k - 40:27 (4:59s)
10k - 51:55 (5:44s)
12k - 1:04:04 (6:04s) - big uphills.
14k - 1:14:20 (5:08s)
16k - (4:34s)
18k - (4:34s)
20k - (4:34s) 8:27? (4:13s)
21k - 1:46:21

My watch data is a little bit muddled from 16-20km. I think I got some of the full marathon distance markers mixed up with the half markers. But whatever happened, I was definitely averaging 4:34s from 15km to the finish! I would love to have the splits from the last 2km. 18-20 is 8:27 in my watch, but I'm not certain that's right.

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