Monday, May 14, 2007

Taupo Fly Fishing

I spent the first weekend in May fly fishing with my friend Brent down in the Taupo region.

We stayed at a place called The Creel in Turangi. Turangi is allegedly "The Trout Fishing Capital of New Zealand".

Fly Fishing Behind the Creel

The Creel was right on the Tongariro river, so we were up fishing at the crack of dawn. After a break for breakfast, we relocated a bit further up stream.

That was a beautiful stretch of river, but we didn't catch anything all day, maybe because of the constant stream of whitewater kayakers paddling through our pools. ;-)

Kayakers in our Fishing Hole

At the very last minute, just as it got too dark to see our lines, Brent hooked one.

On day two we started fishing Lake Otamangakau. We had no luck there, despite seeing a constant stream of fish jumping out of the water on the far side of the lake. So we packed up and started the drive back. On the way we stopped in Tauramanui to fish the Whanganui river for an hour or so. By that time I'd had enough fishing for the weekend, so I spent some time taking photos.

Brent caught two small fish (smaller than the one above), and missed one big one. I was a mile or so down the trail, so there were conveniently no witnesses. ;-)

Tongariro River

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