Thursday, November 16, 2006

Catching Up

As I was pulling pictures off my cameras the other night, it occurred to me that I'm way behind on personal news on this blog. So here go the headlines:

I went to my first Allblacks game! (That's New Zealand's national rugby team for those of you back home). Not only that, but it was NZ vs Australia! (Think Vikings vs Packers). We had fantastic seats and the Allblacks won 34-27.

I wish I'd known that they didn't mind cameras in the stadium, I'd have brought my SLR. Instead, I've got some cameraphone pics.

For Kel's birthday, we went to see INXS. The new INXS with the lead singer they picked out in their Reality TV show (J.D. Fortune). Really great show. We were in th e superfan section, everyone in front of us jumped up and started dancing from the very first song. J.D. had some kind of problem with the zipper on his pants, despite some roadie assistance, his fly was open the whole show.

Kel and I were in the states for a week or so. We stopped in Minnesota to vist friends and family, then headed on to New York City to meet up with her friend Claire from London. After a couple days there we headed on to upstate New York for my friend Jon's surprise (super early) birthday party. I'll post some stuff on this set of trips once I get all the relevant photos up to Flickr.

My friends Peter and Rich have come over to New Zealand to visit. I took a few days off work to hang out with them while they've been here on the North Island. Definitely more on this coming up.

Right, that's all for now, one monkey off my back. Gotta run.

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