Thursday, September 07, 2006

Reinventing the Wheel . . . Makes Hulk Angry


Every time I join a new ASP.Net project I get bitten by these two things, and every time I end up working them out again. This time I'm writing them down. :-)

Joining a project configured as a web project(s) by opening the solution file:

  • If practical configure your local web server with the project on the same path.

  • If not, open the SLN file and fix everything that looks like a URL (you won't be able to fix it from VS.Net)

  • Presumably, making a new solution will solve it too. As I was getting pretty close to turning green and digging out the purple pants, I didn't pursue that path to its smoking, pulverized computer end

  • Don't even get me started on VS.Net 2003 VSS integration.

Adding a Strong Name Key Pair to a Local Key Container

  • If there's a line like this in the Assemblyinfo.cs
    [assembly: AssemblyKeyName("containerName")]

  • Or you get "Cryptographic Failure" errors on the first compile of the project

  • Find the .snk file and run this command line:
    sn -i keyfile.snk containerName

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