Friday, December 02, 2005

Telemark Ski Lessons

I signed up for Telemark lessons at Hyland. Three lessons (2 hours each) on Saturdays, three Saturdays in a row. Should be a good time, I've always wanted to try it. Now if we'd just get enough snow to open the Hyland trails for skating . . .


  1. How did you get on? We did our first telemark last season and have just done another three days on our last ski trip. I love it. The great feeling of "flow" when you get the turns right is wonderful. I've just read that skiing alpine style on telemark kit is a great way to get your balance sorted once and for all - if you get it wrong you eat snow pretty fast...

  2. It was great! I'm a self taught alpine skier with quite a few bad habits. Learning the telemark turn was enlightening for both styles in several ways. Unfortunately, the snow around here has been terrible, we've had the warmest January in over a century.